Don't Forget To Smile Today. Today 🙂

A smile a day keeps The Doctor Away

About This Mission:

My name is Chidi.(@eyesofchidi) I recently released the first episode of my Nigeria Documentary. The reason of making this documentary is to show the world about the sitiuation in Nigeria and to give people an international voice to share their experience and feelings. 

Due to the current world situation and crisis a-lot more people worldwide have been hit due to Lockdown measurements.   I have spoken to different people from Nigeria who are not able to buy food for their families because they are not able to practise their work and to receive income. 

In order to help these people I started this website and project. 
For now the focus lies on Nigeria due to the Documentary, my goal is to expand this to help other people from all over the world in the future.

I can only succeed with your help.


#Dontforgettosmiletoday #eyesofchidi